10 Interesting Eid Activities For Students

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Eid is such an auspicious occasion for all the Muslims around the world. It is a grand festive for them that they celebrate with their friends and families together for the whole three days. Muslims celebrate Eid as a result of their spiritual fasting for the whole month of Ramadan. Whether it is children or elderly people, they celebrate it with full spirit all around the world. So, if you are a student in the UAE, who wants to make the most out of this 3 days grand celebration. Then, I have some amazing activities for you to help you enjoy this day to the fullest.

10 Fun Filled Activities For Students On Eid

1. Eid Moon Sighting

You know you can start your fun activities a day before your Eid. Yes, have you ever sighted a moon for Eid before, if not, then it’s your chance. Now, run to your balconies or your terrace after breaking your fast and look for the moon. You know Muslims all around the world wait excitingly to see this moon as it indicates Eid for the next day. So, head towards an open space and look out for the Eid moon.

2. Decorate Your Home

So, one of my favorite activities on Eid is decorating my house. You know it’s a day of festive and celebration. So, why not decorate your houses with multi-color lights or fairy lights? Add new decoration pieces to your house to make it look appealing to your guests. It is a wonderful activity for students, especially for girls who have an interest in such activities. You know, you can buy beautiful Islamic calligraphies and add them to your walls to enhance the look of your drawing room. You can also search the internet for new home décor ideas and can utilize them to make your house as beautiful as the new one.

3. Bake Eid Treats

Well, how about cooking Eid treats for your friends and families? Eid is celebrated with a grand feast. So, why not add something special to your menu this Eid? Thus, if you have an interest in cooking, then this might be your chance to showcase your skills to your loved ones. And cook delicious treats for them. You might want to bake a cake with Eid Mubarak decorations or maybe you like donuts more. It could be anything that makes you happy.

4. Exchange Eid Cards

You know exchanging Eid cards on this day was a popular tradition at one time. So, why don’t you revive this tradition once again and make cards for your friends and family members? It is a fun-filled activity that you would enjoy. So, gather up your arts and crafts things and start brainstorming ideas to make customized cards for your loved ones. It is a great way of greeting Eid and sharing happiness with your social circle.

5. Get Dress Up

So, the Eid is celebrated with the same spirit all around the Muslim world. And the best thing about Eid is buying new dresses and accessories for this special day. So, it’s time to dress up perfectly for your day. And make a lasting impression on your loved ones. No matter if you are a girl or a boy, dressing up for Eid is quite exciting. Girls have more things to be excited about but it’s fun for boys as well. So, gather up your dresses and wear your accessories like bangles and earrings with your matching outfit. And get dressed up on this special day.

6. Organize an Eid Party

Do you know what is the best part about Eid? It is meeting your loved ones and greeting them for this amazing day. So, why don’t you organize an Eid party for your friends? Invite them to your house and make delicious food for them. Well, everything is fun when you are with your friends. You can do many things like playing games, enjoying movies and having a grand feast together at your house. So, it is a good way to get connected and celebrate this day together.

7. Give Back To The Community

So, if you want to celebrate your Eid with its full spirit. Then you must make sure that you are helping other people as much as you can. It is not just a special day for you, but it is for the Muslim community. So, try to help people who are unable to celebrate this day. You can distribute sweets and clothes among poor people. Or can take part in community services to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to celebrate this day.

8. Watch Eid Movies Or Shows

Well, if you are bored and don’t know what to do. You can even watch various Eid movies or shows that are air specially aired on this day. I know students are often worried about their assignments even on this day. But you don’t even have to worry about them anymore. As OTHM Assignment Help will take care of it for you. So, you can now enjoy your Eid without worrying about your studies.

9. Plan a Picnic

So, Eid is a three-day continuous celebration. It means 3 day’s holiday as well, so, you can plan a picnic as well. Well, that would be fun if you gather up your friends and family and plan a picnic together. You can go to a beachside and plan a BBQ there or may visit a park to enjoy this day together with your loved ones.

10. Reflect And Pray

Finally, you must not forget the true spirit of Eid and should make sure that you are praying gratitude to your Almighty for this special day. So, take some time to reconnect with the Almighty and pray for yourself and everyone. And make this day a good one for you.

Final Words

In a nutshell, these fun-filled activities will not let you get bored on this festive day. They will make it more fun and exciting for students. So, choose whatever interests you the most and I am sure that this Eid will be one of the best Eid that you have ever spent in your lifetime. Eid Mubarak Students! I hope this Eid fills your life with all the happiness you deserve.

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